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Attorney Stephen J. Stanley assists clients with the proper disposition of their assets. The process of distributing one's assets upon their death is known as probate. The person no longer with us, who's assets are being distributed, is known as the decedent.

A will is a first and essential step in the estate planning process. A will is essentially a means for outlining your wishes simply, designating who the beneficiaries of your assets will be, what (and how much) they will receive, and identifying who will be the person(s) carrying out your wishes and administering your estate.

If such a person, upon their death, is fortunate enough to have a will in place, the personal representative designated in the will is responsible for beginning the probate process. This is done by filing the will with probate court. On the other hand, if there is no will, the assets are distributed according to the Florida law of intestacy.

Attorney Stephen J. Stanley represents personal representatives of Florida estates. As an attorney experienced in this area of practice, he is able to ensure that everything goes smoothly and efficiently during the probate process. And, if there was no will, he can then represent the estate during the probate process. An experienced estates and trusts attorney can help you protect your wealth, provide protection from property taxes, and minimize taxes generally.


A trust is a legal agreement formed where a grantor gives assets to a person (the trustee), who holds the assets and/or property for another person’s benefit. The trust sets forth exactly how the assets and/or property are to be used for that person’s benefit. In doing so, the trust document sets forth the powers and responsibilities of the trustee, which often include investments, the protection of the assets, and strict adherence to provisions governing the distribution of the assets.

While wills and trusts both provide a means to pass on assets to loved ones after death, a trust typically offers more flexibility and can be very effective for specific situations. Attorney Stephen J. Stanley represents and assists clients in establishing various types of trusts, including Dynasty Trusts, Life Insurance Trusts, Living Trusts, and Grantor Retained Annuity Trusts.

Attorney Stephen J. Stanley has successfully handled all types of wills, trusts and estate planning matters for clients in the Tampa Bay Area, and throughout Florida.

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